What are you going to do when Microsoft ends support for Windows XP? Upgrade, switch to Mac OSx, Or make the move to a Linux OS?

Windows XP screenshot
Windows XP screenshot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Microsoft is pulling the plug on the All-Time Favorite Operating SystemWindows XP

 Microsoft has not produced the sales figures it had hoped for with the release of the latest version of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Many XP users see this OS as the New Windows Vista, which was the worst Microsoft release ever to hit end users al over the globe!!

 I could ramble on all day about bad operating systems and Microsoft letdowns, But Let’s move on to the next step – What OS will you move to? Are you going to hang in there with Microsoft and hope for a miracle “Service Pack” or maybe a “Windows XP II”? The most logical decision would probably be to migrate to Windows 7. However, Linux operating Systems have become much more user friendly and in many cases provide users with more options and versatility. Then there is the “other” operating system that is much less universal and in some cases more complicated and worst of all – its so proprietary! Yep, I’m talking about Mac OS x. While the Mac system is very powerful in some facets, It shows weakness in many areas and not to mention……. You have to buy the hardware just to be able to use the software! Of course a lot of enthusiast and pioneers of the digital age will say “I don’t have to settle for anything!” and conquer what is known as the almighty “Hackintosh” (Normal PC components configured to run a Macintosh OS X.

So here is the question…… What are you planning on doing to avoid a “Post XP Disaster?”

Please leave a comment explaining what you have decided to do in the wake of this tragedy and give an explanation as to why you are going in the direction you have chosen!
 Have fun with this!

Jamie Privett
 Hi-Tech USA Consultant